So I've managed to get an interview for that dream job - what's my plan of action? PREPARE - Before attending any interview I think it's key to do your research first - what's the company history? what kind of work are they producing? what clients have they worked with? - by understanding the overall... Continue Reading →



"Put simply, usability evaluation assesses the extent to which an interactive system is easy and pleasant to use" (Cockton, n.d.). HEURISTIC EVALUATION - Taking inspiration from Nielsen and Molich's 10 User Interface Design Heuristics and Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules, I established a list of appropriate heuristics for my own portfolio usability evaluation: Logical and expected order of information... Continue Reading →


Some creators provide their work online for others to use and modify, but it's important to check if it has a licence first - redistributing someone else's copyrighted work can result in legal trouble. During the process of creating my portfolio, I have encountered a variety of licences and have had to adhere to their terms... Continue Reading →


Design trends come and go for many reasons and although breaking the mould is often best, it's good to at least recognise what's trending in the industry. I follow a few web and graphic design blogs in order to keep up to date with opinions on current design trends and just generally what's going on.... Continue Reading →


The oxford dictionary defines self-promotion as “the action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one's activities, especially in a forceful way” and it often has a bad reputation for being too pushy and too boastful. However, self-promotion is often one of the best ways to get yourself noticed, especially in such a saturated industry. That’s... Continue Reading →


Considering I use social media all the time, I’ve never really properly looked at the terms of service or privacy policies for any of the platforms I use. When it comes to promoting myself and my work online, I need to be more aware of who can see and potentially use my work and what... Continue Reading →


Prior to thinking about this logically, I just assumed that as a freelancer my target audience would be any Tom, Dick or Harry who needed something designing. However, by letting my target audience define itself, I won't be developing my skills in areas I'm really passionate about - I need to direct myself towards the... Continue Reading →

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