Do showcase only your most brilliant, riveting designs in your portfolio. Demonstrate the breadth of your experience by including a variety of samples.

Don’t include designs you’re not extremely proud of. Your portfolio is an art exhibit, not a place to dump images.


Do give your audience a sense of what was involved in every design that appears in your portfolio. A great story will send great leads to your inbox. Be sure to proof all copy to avoid grammatical errors before publishing.

Don’t assume viewers understand the significance of each portfolio item based on appearances alone. You’re not selling to other designers—these viewers need to know why the design is effective and how you made it that way.


Do look carefully at the variety of hosted platforms, and choose the one you like the most! It’s easier than ever to publish an attractive, mobile-responsive online portfolio at a nominal cost. It’s hard to go wrong. Only opt for a self-hosted platform if your needs truly warrant the added flexibility.

Don’t choose a template or theme that isn’t made for portfolios. The last thing you want is to provide a clunky experience for the people vetting your work. Also, avoid giving your site an unprofessional title or tagline. When in doubt, using your own name will suffice.


Do resize and compress every image. Make it easy to contact you. Strive to make navigating your site a delightful, straightforward experience.

Don’t upload gargantuan images and expect your audience to wait for them to load. Most people will just look for another designer.


Do actively promote your work among other designers, friends, and business contacts. Make your portfolio available to your entire network.

Don’t go overboard with self-promotion. Post only your best work in online communities (the samples that would make it into your main portfolio) and avoid hyping them up. Asking for feedback is a humbler, more advantageous approach than boasting loudly about each new design.




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