Prior to thinking about this logically, I just assumed that as a freelancer my target audience would be any Tom, Dick or Harry who needed something designing. However, by letting my target audience define itself, I won’t be developing my skills in areas I’m really passionate about – I need to direct myself towards the people I’d love to work for.

My dream boss would probably be a company like Hearst. So, I guess my niche is graphic design? And my super-niche.. magazine publications? So my target audience would be print media consumers, of both genders but mainly female, living in the UK with an interest in visual communication. This audience would be active social media users on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and may even use forums such as Quora or Reddit to converse as a community. By targeting these specific areas and engaging with discussion, I can promote my own work, skills and services.

An example persona:




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