Some creators provide their work online for others to use and modify, but it’s important to check if it has a licence first – redistributing someone else’s copyrighted work can result in legal trouble. During the process of creating my portfolio, I have encountered a variety of licences and have had to adhere to their terms of use:

LOGO TYPEFACE – The typeface I have decided to use for my logo is called Shorelines Script – I originally downloaded it through DaFont where it’s free for personal use. In order to use it commercially, I’ll need to purchase the licence from the author. However, as a student “the law includes a number of exceptions that allow for the use of all types of copyright work for certain educational purposes” (Soetendorp and Meletti, n.d.). Prior to making my portfolio live and publicly available I will purchase the licence because I really like the typeface and believe in supporting fellow creators.

BLOG HOSTING PLATFORM – Hosting my blog on WordPress means that I have to agree to attribute the site or theme author in my site footer, adverts may feature on my site and any content I post is at the public’s disposal. For the purposes of this assignment, these terms are fine – however, if I were considering having a permanent blog on my portfolio site I would host it myself.

BLOG IMAGES – For some posts on this blog I’ve tarted them up a bit with a photo – I use Pixabay to find these because the site uses a Creative Commons licence which means that they’re free for commercial use and there’s no attribution required.

PORTFOLIO SITE CODE – I used a template from W3.CSS and built my portfolio site from it – mainly to save time, but also because the framework is very simple and suited my needs.  The templates are free to modify, save, share, and use them in all projects, although they come with a coded attribution in the footer which I left in.


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