So I’ve managed to get an interview for that dream job – what’s my plan of action?

PREPARE – Before attending any interview I think it’s key to do your research first – what’s the company history? what kind of work are they producing? what clients have they worked with? – by understanding the overall personality of the company I’ll have a better chance of knowing whether I’m a good match. Good to have a few questions to ask them too – I believe a good interview should flow like a conversation rather than an interrogation.

PRESENT – It almost goes without saying, but looking clean and presentable makes a good first impression and I think that smart/casual clothes are ideal for an interview – I don’t want to look overdressed, because that’s just not me naturally, but I also don’t want to appear like I’ve not made any effort. As well as presenting myself, I’ll need to present my previous work – interviews within the creative industry often require physical or online portfolio evidence. Having a physical copy of my work, as well as the standard CV and business cards, to leave with the interviewer would hopefully create a lasting impression. In such a fast-paced digital world, providing a link to an online portfolio is also a good idea if it better suits the company.

PERSONALITY – Being polite and having manners is always appreciated, no matter the situation. Enthusiasm and attentiveness are good qualities to have throughout a conversation in order to convey passion and genuine interest in the industry/company. Eye-contact, positive body language, firm handshake etc.. all obvious but important aspects of making a good impression.


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