Probably the easiest design choice I’ll have to make in this whole process – what colour palette should I choose? Well, my name, although spelt awkwardly (thanks ma), is the same as a gemstone – Jade – which is traditionally green; my favourite colour has always been teal;  and my preferred jewellery metal is gold.... Continue Reading →


FIRST HURDLE: Agency, In-House or Freelance? Those who work for an agency typically specialise in a particular design area - there is a faster pace of work as the company is producing projects for multiple clients, although the details of work produced will often be similar. These roles are often high-stress but do offer employees a... Continue Reading →


Do showcase only your most brilliant, riveting designs in your portfolio. Demonstrate the breadth of your experience by including a variety of samples. Don’t include designs you’re not extremely proud of. Your portfolio is an art exhibit, not a place to dump images.   Do give your audience a sense of what was involved in every design that... Continue Reading →


The Creative Media Industry is a truly vast and dynamic area of bright ideas, design expertise and creative solutions to everyday problems. It attracts people from all walks of life with all kinds of interests and characteristics – and it’s these distinctly unique qualities which allows for such a diverse area of work. Job roles... Continue Reading →

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